The Stockholm marathon is coming up in about 2 months, and my training officially started the week before I left for Delhi. Given that I have not been running very much lately (read: I haven’t been running like a crazy person lately because consistently waking up at 6am is hard to sustain!), I was naturally pretty worried about spending 10 days in Delhi, Shitty Air Quality Capital of the World. Not to mention, I’d never traveled to India before myself, but had heard a number of stories — both from friends/family and from the news — that did not give me the most confident impression that the trip would be easy. But given the professional opportunity that would open to me if I took this trip, I caved and let my marathon training slide, something I wouldn’t normally do.

While my trip to Delhi did affect my training and I’m playing catch up now, ultimately, there was a larger lesson to be learned. There always is. As selfish as I am, I must admit that the world is bigger than myself, and I have lots to learn yet. Continue reading #whatmarathontraining?