It’s been a month since I’ve been back in San Francisco. And as much as I love my city, that doesn’t mean that I’m not still mourning the end of my vacation, and also eagerly planning my next adventure. Costa Rica & Panama for Christmas 2015 anyone? Sorry, mom and dad.

Writing this blog post is difficult for many reasons. It takes me back to Oslo, back to Gothenburg, back to Stockholm and Prague, and it reminds me of the times I had that I now hold so dear to my heart but yet remain so far away. And also it reminds me of my insatiable desire to keep moving. In a place as comfortable and familiar as home, we easily slip back into the grind, which so often does not include those pieces of adventure that keep our heart hungry. It is this that makes these “normal” times difficult, when I remember that doing what I love requires alternate cycles of real life and hard work. Continue reading #RealWorldSanFrancisco

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At first, I was skeptical of Stockholm.  It is a much bigger city than Oslo and Gothenburg, and we all know I’m not a city girl. Mostly, I was turned off by the hordes of tourists compared to my other destinations. However, I quickly grew to love the city, almost — but not quite — as much as my own. I was a tourist there after all. And the best part was that I met a few awesome people who I look forward to seeing again around the world. Hopefully very soon.  Continue reading #raceStockholm #helloPraha


The ever-relevant question. One that I’m often asked, but always struggle to answer. The question that grazes the ears of most runners just as much as the dreaded phrase “plantar fasciitis”.

Why do you run?

The short answer to this question, is that there is no short answer. Which makes it a perfectly fair question for someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy running to ask of someone who spends their free time mapping out routes for upcoming long runs.

The beautiful thing about running is that every runner will answer this question differently. But for those of you who have asked me and received my usual half-hearted and deflected response, here’s your answer:

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November 4, 2014 – Exactly 2 years ago today, I ran my first half marathon in 2 hr 10 min. About 3 and a half months ago, I ran my first marathon in 4 hr 13 min. And about 2 weeks ago, I ran my fastest half marathon to-date at 1 hr 57 min. Today I signed up for the 2nd marathon I will ever run…. in Stockholm, Sweden.

You might be wondering.. “Why? Why the hell wouldn’t she just run some other marathon in California? Why doesn’t she try any other hobby in the world aside from running?”  (#nevernotrunning) I’m asking myself the same thing. Sort of. Yes, there are plenty of other awesome race experiences that I could take part in, and a hundred other ways I could spend my time over the next 7 months, but what could be better than planning a Scandinavian adventure? Continue reading #nevernotrunning